Evening skincare routine

As you know, your face is constantly exposed to pollutants during the day! It is therefore necessary to follow a skincare routine in the evening, which influences your lifestyle, including your productivity, your performance and the quality of your sleep.

Discover our tips for adopting a good evening skincare routine and enjoy beautiful and above all clean and healthy skin:

1-Remove your makeup:

Any proper evening skincare routine starts with makeup-free skin, so you take your time to properly remove your makeup, and to choose the right makeup remover for your exact skin type.

2-Clean your face thoroughly:

In order to ensure that all impurities and traces of makeup are removed, it is essential to use a cleansing gel with a soft and fresh finish.

3-Soften your skin withMicellar Water:

The moisturizing step with micellar water is essential in an evening routine, to moisturize and restore your skin’s PH after cleansing.

4-Enrich your skin with the Serum:

After the micellar water, your face is ready to receive the rest of your care routine!
It is therefore a well-targeted care to illuminate the complexion, and boost hydration with a serum based on rich and concentrated formulas.

5-Don’t forget your Eye Contour:

This sensitive and thin area tends to show signs of aging first.
It requires careful treatment and care. Daily moisturizing with vitamin-rich products to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

6-Finish in beauty with the Moisturizing Cream:

After you’ve completed all the steps in your evening routine, it’s time to finish. Apply a moisturizer that is perfectly suited to your skin type to firm and protect the skin throughout the night.

Now that your evening skincare routine is in place. Your face is clean and your skin is fresh.
Time for a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams!

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and that you have discovered new products. Don’t hesitate to share with us the must-have of your routine!

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