Loyalty Kitty

Pharmadigit market offers its most active customers on our site pharmadigit.dz a loyalty kitty.
We have set up this loyalty system to thank you for your commitment to us and our site. Indeed, your purchases on the pharmadigit market website will make you earn loyalty points that you can then convert into purchases on the site.

How does it work?

Step 1: I order

With your Loyalty Kitty, every product you order earns you points! Find on each product the reported earnings. The more you buy, the more points you earn!

Step 2: I accumulate points in my kitty

The points accumulated in the Kitty are available to you for 365 days from the time you place your order and are immediately available for your next order.

Step 3: I convert my points

To redeem your points, just click on « I use my kitty » in your shopping cart and reduce the amount of your order!

How do I check my loyalty points?

You can check your Loyalty Kitty either on your account or directly in your shopping cart while shopping.

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