Method of payment

PharmadigitWe », « Us » or « Our » refer to, which operates a 100% Algerian e-commerce platform consisting of a website and a mobile application, as well as a delivery and payment infrastructure, for the sale of medical materials and health, wellness and beauty products in Algeria.

  • The present GTC exclusively govern the contractual relations between pharmadigit and any person consulting the site or wishing to make purchases on the site or other services.
  • By using our site, you accept these terms and conditions and agree to respect and accept without reservation the terms and conditions of sale, and those for each order placed and confirmed on
  • In the event of non-compliance with the GTC by the customer, the latter loses all rights to any claims he may have.
The Customer can learn about the essential characteristics of the Products he/she wishes to purchase by consulting the pre-contractual information provided by before placing an order. The illustrations of the Products are provided for illustrative purposes. shall make its best efforts to regularly update the illustrations of the products for sale on the Site. The Products are offered and delivered within the limits of available stocks, the product catalog is constantly evolving.

4. Awards

Pharmadigit offers you the best quality/price ratio, the prices displayed on our site are fixed and subject to possible changes at any time to satisfy you.

In the event of a promotion, Pharmadigit undertakes to apply the promotion to any order placed during the period of the advertisement for the promotion.

The selling price of the products does not include the delivery costs, which are charged in addition to the price.

5. Control

1- To place an order on , you just have to submit your request directly on our site 24/24, 7/7. You will receive a confirmation e-mail summarizing your purchases as well as all your delivery and payment details.
2- Once you place your order, a customer representative will contact you by phone to confirm your order. However, we advise you to take the initiative to confirm your order yourself by contacting us on 0540 28 00 15 in order to speed up the preparation and shipment of your order.
3- Telephone confirmation is mandatory and valid for the first order only. Once delivered, your account will be validated and your subsequent orders will be automatically validated by the system.
4- Once the order has been shipped, the customer will not be able to cancel the order.
5- Pharmadigit reserves the right to cancel your order for any legitimate reason, particularly in the following cases

  • The customer does not confirm his order.
  • The customer does not respond to our customer service attempts.
  • The customer has not responded favorably to the delivery of a previous order.
  • Suspicion of fraud or non-credibility of the customer (wrong address or profile).

6. Payment

In order to make your life easier, pharmadigit offers you two payment methods: 1- Payment on delivery: you can pay your order in space on delivery, this method of payment is available throughout the Algerian territory. 2- Payment with vouchers: you can pay for all or part of your order with the « Purchase Vouchers » issued by our site.

7. Delivery

All your orders will be sent and delivered by a company specialized in the delivery of parcels and those in all the Algerian territory. The customer is informed of the following delivery conditions:

1-The delivery of your order will be made to the address mentioned at the time of your order, i.e. your home or workplace, except in the case of a remote region or one served by delivery companies that have signed an agreement with our site.

2-In case of absence of the customer after confirmation of his order or of non response to the calls of the delivery agent, it is the responsibility of the customer to keep us informed of the situation in advance and as soon as possible.

3- In case of failed delivery due to customer absence, non-response to calls or unavailability, the agent responsible for your package will make a second delivery attempt. If the latter is also unsuccessful for the same reasons listed above, the order will be automatically cancelled.

4- The absence of a clear and valid justification following a failed delivery will result in the suspension of your account or even the loss of your loyalty points.

5- in order to avoid suspension of your account, the customer is required to inform us as soon as possible of any absence or problem related to the delivery in order to organize a new delivery attempt within a period not exceeding 48 hours.

6- The order can be delivered only if the customer pays the totality of his purchases and those can import the selected method of payment.

7- pharmadigit, in collaboration with its delivery partners, can in no way ensure a precise delivery schedule for your order, however, we encourage you to let us know your preferences in order to avoid any inconvenience for all parties involved.

Important notes:

  • The CUSTOMER undertakes to check the conformity of the product upon delivery. Any error of delivery compared to the order will have to be the object of a complaint within a period not exceeding 24 h as from the date of delivery to the number: 0560 28 00 15.
  • All orders placed on our site are shipped in a sealed package. It is the customer’s responsibility not to accept any opened or used package. Otherwise, the customer loses all rights of complaint.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to contact us to report any delay or mismanagement of the delivery of his order, otherwise his purchases will be canceled and you will lose any right to reorder on our site.
  • The delivery costs are included in the total amount to pay mentioned on the label of his package. Under no circumstances shall the delivery agent charge the customer any additional fees at the time of delivery and payment of the 0560 28 00 15.

8. Discount coupon

In order to satisfy our customers and to bring us closer to you, discount codes are offered to our most loyal customers.
This coupon (voucher) allows you to save money and enjoy the best deals on the market by taking advantage of reduced prices on our site.
Discount codes (coupons) are subject to the following rules:

1- These coupons can be offered at any time to customers according to our offers and promotions but also for loyal customers making several purchases on our site.

2- A coupon can be used only once, and therefore will not be valid after its consumption.

3- A coupon can be a percentage discount (Example: 10% discount on your order) or a specific amount (Example: 500 DA discount on the total amount of your purchase).

4- Coupons do not apply to shipping costs.

5- Some coupons can only be used on purchases made through the account of the customer for which the coupon code was offered and registered.

6- Some coupons can only be used for a specific category, a specific product or a specific period of time. However, other coupons are applicable for any purchase.

7- Coupons are commercially confidential and are provided to the recipient in a confidential manner.

9. Returns and refunds

We are committed to offering you the possibility of returning or refunding products purchased on our site within 24 hours of receiving your order in order to request an exchange or refund of the amount spent.

The client will only be eligible for this service if the application meets all of the following conditions:

1- Do not exceed 24 hours after receiving your purchases.

2- The product must be in its original packaging with price tag/brand

3- The product must not be used, worn or washed.

4- The package must be well packed and closed before shipping.

5- The product must not be part of the list of non-returnable products (Make-up, cosmetics and body care products)

6- In case of error in the order or manufacturing defects on electronic products, the customer must notify us within a period not exceeding 24 hours after receipt of his order.

10. Product Warranty

Some products on sale on our site benefit from a contractual guarantee called « Manufacturer’s Guarantee » granted by the supplier or manufacturer of the product, and to which is not a party.

The existence of this Manufacturer’s Warranty is indicated in the product sheet on the Site. If you wish to make use of the Manufacturer’s Warranty, please inform us when contacting our Customer Service or when making a claim.

In order to benefit from your Manufacturer’s Warranty, you must keep your purchase invoice. Failure to present this document and information may result in the Supplier or the Manufacturer of the product refusing to implement its warranty.

To make use of your Manufacturer’s Warranty, it is your responsibility to consult the terms and conditions of the Manufacturer’s Warranty, which are usually included in the box containing the product.

11. Data protection

Buyers agree to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the terms of pharmadigit’s Privacy and Data Protection Policy and Cookie Notice, which can be found on our website.

Pharmadigest will process all personal data obtained via the and associated services in accordance with the terms of our Privacy and Data Protection Policy and the Cookie Notice.

Sellers are directly liable to Buyers for any misuse of their personal data and pharmadigit assumes no liability to Buyers for any misuse of their personal data by Sellers.

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