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  • BiotinOr DZD 1.300,00
    Biotin is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin that helps the body metabolize proteins and process glucose. It is also called vitamin B7 or vitamin H.

    The human body cannot synthesize biotin. Only bacteria, molds, yeast, algae and some plants can make it. The plan must therefore provide them.

    Unused biotin is eliminated in the urine, so the body does not build up reserves. It should be consumed daily.

    Biotin supplements are widely available in health food stores, but biotin deficiencies are rare and there is little evidence to suggest that most people need it.


    Cicastim Arnica, from Laboratoires ACM, is a repairing care designed to accelerate the reduction of bruises and contusions. Il peut également être utilisé en prévention ou après une intervention esthétique ou chirurgicale.

  • Ultra Collagen C- Cure Pack 3 Le prix initial était : DZD 4.500,00.Le prix actuel est : DZD 4.000,00.

    Mode d’emploi
    3 capsules, to be taken on an empty stomach, in a single dose, half an hour before breakfast

    3-month treatment, renewable several times a year, without restriction

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